How Trading Works

The experience of buying or selling on the BTC BUY Homeplatform differs from an exchange or an ordinary escrow provider. Unlike an exchange, BTC BUY Homedoesn’t accept deposits or process withdrawals and there is no automatic matching algorithm. Unlike a normal escrow arrangement, BTC BUY Homedoesn’t hold any ether or fiat in trust; the ether portion of the trade is put in trust through a decentralised escrow mechanism.

0. Alice posts a public offer to buy or sell ether
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1. Bob responds to the offer to exchange a specific amount of ether.
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2. Alice and Bob confirm and agree on the terms of the trade.
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3. The seller places the funds in escrow.
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4. The buyer makes payment directly to the seller.
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5. Scenario A. The seller successfully confirms the payment and releases the escrow.
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5. Scenario B. Somebody raises a dispute.
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BTC BUY HOME is easy for anybody to use, no matter their background.

The platform is built to work on all web browsers without any extra software, and it’s not necessary to read this document to understand how to use the platform.

BTC BUY HOME is immune to surveillance.

The BTC BUY HOME platform leverages an end‐to‐end encryption scheme to protect messages in transit from eavesdropping by hackers and oppressive regimes.

BTC BUY HOME doesn’t involve counter‐party risk.

While billions of dollars have been stolen from centralised exchanges, users are in safe hands on BTC BUY HOME because the platform never holds any ether.

BTC BUY HOME enables super‐fast exchanges.

Enabling person‐to‐person payment methods allows super‐fast settlements — often less than three minutes.

BTC BUY HOME lets people trade on their own terms.

Fiat currency transfers are external and invisible to BTC BUY HOME — you can exchange using your bank account, physical cash, PayPal or something else.

BTC BUY HOME connects the unbanked population.

The BTC BUY HOME platform allows people to exchange with cash, giving improvised communities access to cryptocurrency as a financial alternative.

BTC BUY HOME earns people a living.

BTC BUY HOME allows you to become your own exchange2. Many of the top traders earn a daily income on the difference between the buying and selling price.

BTC BUY HOME has no painstaking approval process.

Users can exchange immediately after signing up. We’re not an exchange and we have no legal obligation to collect the identities of users.

BTC BUY HOME is where everyone else is

Since the platform launched in late 2017, it’s already seen more than 100,000 people in more than 100 countries. There is no other peer‐to‐peer Ethereum marketplace with more users than BTC BUY HOME.

Why Choose BTC BUY Home

Global Presence:

We have taken the best spot on the world cryptocurrency market.

Safe Transactions:

All transactions carried out on our platform us safe and secure.

Multi Wallet System:

We support multiple crypto wallet and payment gateways

What Makes BTC BUY Home Different

Global Single-Platform:

Cloud storage of your details, so no loss of crypto wallet.

Be Safe and Secure:

We guarantee a safe and reliable experience on BTC BUY Home.

Decentralize Payment Systems

We made sure all payment is made easy and autonomous for you.

How it works

We have made trading on BTC BUY Home easy as ABC


BTC BUY Home Is Global

We cut across continents and our customers' service agents are online 24/7 to take your requests, complaints and order just to serve you better. We ensure that you experience the very best of cryptocurrency trade on BTC BUY Home anywhere you are in the world

Safe & Secure Transactions
Encrypted and Kept Private
Multiple Payment Gateway
KYC Verification


Below we’ve provided a bit of BTC BUY Home customers' common questions & answers. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

What is Btc Buy Home?

Btc Buy Home is a worldwide peer-to-peer marketplace where over many users buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Buyers and sellers post ads on Btc Buy Home, offering to trade crypto through a wide range of payment methods. When a user responds to an offer/ad, a peer-to-peer exchange is conducted directly between the buyer and seller.

What’s the difference between Btc Buy Home and an exchange?

You are never buying cryptocurrency from or selling cryptocurrency to Btc Buy Home; you are always exchanging directly with another user. All fiat payments are made outside the platform using regular payment channels, directly from person to person.

How do I buy crypto with Btc Buy Home?

If you’re brand new to Btc Buy Home and want to learn how to buy crypto, read our step-by-step guide: How To Buy Ethereum (ETH) With Btc Buy Home.

How do I sell crypto with Btc Buy Home?

The process to sell crypto using Btc Buy Home is very similar to the buying process. We recommend reading our step-by-step guide on how to buy ETH first.

How is my privacy protected?

Btc Buy Home doesn’t collect any personal information, and we don’t use any tracking services such as Google Analytics. We treat your privacy with the utmost respect. Any messages between users are end-to-end encrypted, meaning we don’t have the ability to read them. The only case where we can decipher your messages is when you invite a moderator for help in resolving a payment dispute, or when you report another user.

Is the Btc Buy Home wallet safe?

Btc Buy Home’s web wallet is non-custodial. Btc Buy Home’s servers and staff never see your private key(s). Your crypto is protected by cryptography inside your web browser.

Where can I learn more about Btc Buy Home’s cryptography?

Read our whitepaper for in-depth insight into Btc Buy Home’s magic. We explain how Btc Buy Home’s end-to-end encrypted messaging protocol works, how the self-custodial wallet keys are generated, how our decentralized escrow system functions, and more.

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